Population & Culture


Nebbi Municipal Council has a population of 40,300 people out of which 20,956 (52%) are females and 19,344 (48%) are males based on UBOS Projection 2019. There are 7088 households for which the average household size is 5 and this is very close to the national figure of about 7 persons per household.


The culture of the people in Nebbi Municipality is built around the predominant Alur tradition and practices blended with the modern western culture and practices.

The majority ethnic groups in Nebbi Municipality are the Alur, and the main clans are the indigenous Ocego  with  their  Chieftaincy  headquartered  at  Thatha  Palace,  the  Patek  and  Jupanjau.  Also in existence are the Pawong with their Chieftaincy at Jupangira and the Acer mainly found in Abindu Ward. There are also other tribes such as the Lugbara, Madi, and Acholi among others, who have established permanent residence.

Western  religious  practices  are  predominant  with  the  Roman  Catholic  faith  leading  in  population followed by the Anglican faith with the numerous Pentecostal sects (data). The Islamic faith has the minority of the population. To a small extent, there exist also the Traditionalists.