There are a number of attractions in Nebbi Municipal Council. The major ones include but are not limited to;

  • Nduru Rock locally known as Got Nebbi in Abindu Division on top of which one gets a beautiful view of the town, has a drum in it among other things. And plenty other rocks.
  • Ocego Chiefdom in Thatha Division with many attractions including ‘kidi kot’ which is used to make rain, hides, lawu (cultural dresses), royal spears, burial materials, sira (horn) used to curse people among others.
  • Rivers Namthin and Namrwodho.
  • A number of streams including Angir, Nyangam, Alakakal, Aryendra, Nyamutong and others.
  • Alur culture, language and traditional dances such as Ndara, Agwara and Aburaka.
  • Wildlife including animals locally known as uduka found on rocks in Abindu Division.